[Aerogear-users] [newbie] choosing the right version

Paolo Casarini paolo.casarini at mulino.it
Mon May 29 05:56:08 EDT 2017


   I would like to use aerogear-unifiedpush-server to generate some push
messages between the e-learning web platform I'm developing and its iOS
app. First I deployed aerogear-unifiedpush-server 1.2.0.alpha3 on a EC2 vm
I owned and than I configured my iOS app (objective-c) to use it, but I
came across some issues dealing with APNs: soon after I ask to send a push
message to one of my registered devices, the APNs tells Aerogear to disable
the device.

Now I have seen that there is a new version (1.2.0.beta1), do you suggest
me to move to this version? or it's better to use the 1.1.0.Final? Is it
possible to use the objective-c sdk with 1.2.x server?

Thanks in advance,
Paolo Casarini
Digital development manager
Società editrice il Mulino S.p.A.
Strada maggiore 37 - 40125 Bologna
tel. 051/256011; fax 051/256034
GPG key: 1024D/9C5AE886 2004-10-21 Paolo Casarini <paolo.casarini at mulino.it>
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