[Aerogear-users] Keycloak - validate token on server

Doug Drouillard douglas.drouillard at gmail.com
Wed May 31 14:36:45 EDT 2017


I am using Aerogear-iOS and I am able to successfully get a JWT from
keycloak.  Say I pass that JWT to a Java web service (that is not wildfly),
is there a way to easily verify the token? The keycloak adapters for
undertow and jetty seem beyond my reach. I am using Ninja Framework and the
undertow integration does not seem feasible in my time frame.
I was hoping to easily validate token on server, but I can't seem to have
come across anything. My concern is that I want to disable a user and
immediately have them disabled, not wait on expiration in token.

I have proposed this question on stack overflow and on the keycloak mailing
list with no answers so I was hoping to have some luck here.

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