[bv-dev] When is a method validated

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Sun Feb 26 13:28:37 EST 2012

Hi all,

I have been discussing how to integrate our method validation feature with CDI and the Java EE spec in general. One question that got raised was when should methods be validated within the stack of interceptors. Here are a few common interceptors:

- transaction interceptor
- security interceptor

My answer is so far to be "last", though I can imagine many interceptors wanting to be last. An interceptor is able to change parameter values as well as return value potentially. Our intuition is that method parameter validation should:

- be done after a transaction has been started (esp if rich constraint validators are used)
- after the security layer has cleared the method call
- generally speaking after any interceptor that could interrupt the method call (to be cheap)
- after any interceptor that could alter parameter values

The idea is that the method validation interceptor guarantees that parameters provided to the actual method are sound. 

With the same logic, return values should be validated before other interceptors. That makes the method validation interceptor logic be something like that

run method

Do you think this approach is sound, in particular wrt when method validation should occur in an interceptor stack?


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