[bv-dev] Submitted Public Review Draft

Gunnar Morling gunnar at hibernate.org
Mon Apr 24 11:49:04 EDT 2017

Hi all,

I've just submitted the draft of the spec for the Public Review to the
JCP; it should be published on jcp.org later this week.

You can find it at the staging environment of our website, too (that's
the diff to 1.1):


Once it's published through jcp.org, I'll put out a short blog post to
announce it. Please wait with tweeting etc. until then :) Assuming
it's published on jcp.org on Wednesday, the Public Review will run
until May 26th, followed by two weeks for the ballot (voting by the

We are going to work on some smaller details around container element
validation next. If there's anything else which you think should be in
there or should be changed, please speak up soon :)



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