[bv-dev] TCK: LegacyValidOnContainerCascadingTest

Matt Benson mbenson at apache.org
Mon Mar 12 19:18:57 EDT 2018

Hi all,
This issue could be similar to my last one. On
#testValidOnListAndOnTypeArgumentWithGroupConversions() the expectation is
the single violation on visitors[0].name with the Default group. My
implementation converts Default to ExtendedChecks1, cascades the legacy
list elements, then converts ExtendedChecks1 to ExtendedChecks2 when
cascading the type parameters. I end up with violations on
visitors[0].extended1 and visitors[0].extended2 . I don't see any
interpretation that seems to justify triggering the violation on the
Default group. The test points to spec section 5.1.3 but a reread of that
section does nothing for me here. Help would be appreciated here.

Next, can anyone explain the intent of @SpecAssertion#id() ?

Finally, this is the last TCK test I have failing, but next I have 928
tests being skipped. Our team has yet to figure out the mechanism by which
these tests are being skipped and we'd be glad for some help here as well.

Thanks all,
Matt and the Apache BVal team
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