[cdi-dev] Standardization on a query like qualifier/annotation

John D. Ament john.d.ament at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 19:33:04 EDT 2011

Hey gents (&lasses, if any exist on the list)

I wanted to raise a question on something I'm working on for the JMS 2.0
EG.  JMS has a MessageSelector feature that allows a client to control what
messages come in to the client consumer.  I'm wondering how possible it
would be to standardize on a query selector type of annotation, where
attributes are evaluated compared to values.  The idea would be to limit
what observer methods get hit based on matches in this query selector
annotation.  Here's an example:

public void observeSomeObjects(@Observes @MessageSelector("loaded = true")
MyBean mb) {


public class MyBean {
private boolean loaded;
private String data;

//getters and setters...

so when the loaded property is true, and an event is fired, then this
observer is called.  however, when false, this observer is not invoked.

>From thinking about it a bit, I was thinking that an Interceptor should do
it, but wanted to get your opinions if it was something that could be
standardized (potentially in CDI 1.1) rather than specific to JMS.

Opinions?  Comments?


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