[cdi-dev] RequestScoped and Injection Points

John D. Ament john.d.ament at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 11:53:33 EDT 2011


On Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 11:19 AM, Pete Muir <pmuir at redhat.com> wrote:

> The only way to register a bean for every single variant of a qualifier
> would be to scan injection points.
Right, so assuming I use something like Solder's BeanBuilder to create the
necessary beans behind the scene, I would be able to satisfy every one of
those injection points, correct?

> I'm only somewhat aware of what exactly you are doing, but really the issue
> is that CDI is not designed to be used in the way you are trying, which is
> why you hit this impedance mismatch.

If you have another way for me to think about it, I'm all eyes (so to
speak).  The idea is that I create a JMS session bound at the HTTP
(Request|Session) Scope or bound at an ApplicationScope, or with some new
scope (this should really be determined at runtime somehow; similar to a
conversation or a dependent scoped object):

@Inject @JMSConnection(factory="/ConnectionFactory") Session session;

Then within the same scope, reuse this session to inject a MessageProducer:

@Inject @JMSConnection(factory="/ConnectionFactory")
MessageProducer messageProducer;

I would think that's enough for an application developer to handle the
remaining injection (e.g. provide a producer field/method to handle the real
injection, or something like that; maybe).

> On 10 Sep 2011, at 05:14, John D. Ament wrote:
> > Well, I think my issue as that it worked the exact way I needed it to
> work, so I figured I was fine :-) .  Obviously though, I ran into some
> limitations with it.
> >
> > So just to bounce some ideas off you guys; what would be the correct
> approach in this case? Assuming that I want it to be taken into account when
> resolving injection points, do I need to gather metadata around injection
> points and dynamically build producer method impl's that are generated at
> deployment type via an extension that did something like:
> >
> > 1. Scan for any injection points that match the type(s) as well as
> qualifier(s) that I am interested in.
> > 2. Also understand the scope of the object they are being injected into.
> Not sure why you need to do this?

Scope? We need to consolidate the number of objects being created.

> >
> > However, it seems like producers are the one thing that you cannot
> register at runtime/deployment time.  Is this a case where I would need to
> create bean instances instead of producer instances?
> You can only register beans at runtime using CDI 1.0, no producers, managed
> beans, etc.

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