[cdi-dev] @PostConstruct and @Inject methods in superclasses

Mark Struberg struberg at yahoo.de
Fri Sep 30 15:47:18 EDT 2011


JSR-250 common annotations is pretty thin about having @PostConstruct in multiple class hierarchies. It just says that there must only be one single method annotated with @PostConstruct in a class. Thus my question:

If I have 

public class Animal {

 public void doInit() {..}



 public class Horse extends Animal {

 public void doSomeOtherInit() {..}


1.) for a contextual instance of Horse, will Animal#doInit() get executed or only the one from the 'effective' class?
2.) if 1.) was yes, then In which order do they get executed? Is this specced somewhere?

3.) Same scenario with @Inject methods. Do we specify an order?

4.) Both classes have @Inject methods and @PostConstruct. Again: which order of invocaition?

Just that you understand my intention: we had a @PostConstruct method in Horse which did set a 'cached' flag in Animal. Turned out that this was a random generator depending on the intsalled server ;)


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