[cdi-dev] Transaction Scope for CDI

Pete Muir pmuir at redhat.com
Fri Aug 17 07:28:22 EDT 2012

Reza, Nigel, all,

I've discussed this with the Java EE spec leads, and we concluded it would be better to develop this as part of the JTA MR being delivered as part of Java EE 7 as:

* CDI exposes sufficient integration points in it's SPI to develop the scope (BeanManager, container lifecycle events, context SPI), and these integration points are accessible to the JTA implementation
* JTA does not expose sufficient integration points that are available to the CDI implementation (as the TransactionManager cannot be easily obtained)
* The CDI EG is not a group of transaction experts

I believe the Java EE EG is acting as the EG for the JTA MR.


On 23 May 2012, at 00:28, Reza Rahman wrote:

> CDI enthusiasts,
> Pete, I and Nigel (JMS 2 spec lead) have been discussing the issue of the transaction scope behind the scenes the past few weeks. Attached is what we came up with and feel it meets the various related use-cases the most effectively. The downside is that it is quite involved (conceptually) and might take a bit of patience to absorb. Please give it a read and let me know your thoughts.
> Cheers,
> Reza
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