[cdi-dev] Potential topic for discussion on today's weekly meeting

Joseph Bergmark bergmark at us.ibm.com
Mon Aug 20 10:55:34 EDT 2012


These 3 JIRA issues basically boil down to 2 related

1) Should it be made more clear in the spec that request context that is
created for a @Remote ejb (or really any time request context does not
already exist on the thread) goes away when that method call finishes.
This relates to the second issue, because this might extend to
@PostConstruct & @PreDestroy if request scope should be active there as

6.7.1 currently states the request scope is active:

"during any remote method invocation of any EJB, during any asynchronous
method invocation of any EJB, during any
call to an EJB timeout method and during message delivery to any EJB
message-driven bean, and"

and it ends:

"after the EJB remote method invocation, asynchronous method invocation,
timeout or message delivery completes, or"

2) What scopes should be active during lifecycle callbacks to EJBs.  For
example @PostConstruct in a @Remote ejb, or @PostConstruct on a @Startup
@Singleton EJB might both be instances where users might want request
context to be active if its not already.  It is not even clear to me
currently that application context should be active during these methods.

There is one mention of @Predestroy in 6.7.3 regarding when application
scope should be active, but its not specific to EJB:

"when the disposer method or @PreDestroy callback of any bean with any
normal scope other than @ApplicationScoped is called."


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