[cdi-dev] CDI + transactions query

Jens Schumann jens.schumann at openknowledge.de
Fri Aug 24 17:17:48 EDT 2012

Am 22.08.12 17:44 schrieb "Pete Muir" unter <pmuir at bleepbleep.org.uk>:

>>Admittedly this is a gut reaction, I read through the Jira and the doc
>>you linked to though, and used my JEE experience to draw analogies, do
>>let me know if I got the wrong end of the stick please!
>No, I think this is right.
>In that case, what I would suggest we do is:
>* explicitly make controlling transactions from observers non-portable
>(which allows implementors to experiment with such a feature without
>breaking spec compliance)
>* raise a feature request in CDI to consider adding something like what
>you describe in the future

Maybe I misunderstand the current wording, but wouldn't it be possible to
explicitly specify certain scenarios? For instance I would expect that
IN_PROGRESS (and maybe BEFORE_COMPLETION) observers and their dependencies
should be able to start and commit/rollback a new transaction (RequiresNew

On the other hand I would also expect that AFTER_COMPLETION/AFTER_FAILRE
observers and their dependencies may never directly initiate, commit or
rollback JTA transactions.

I tried to find a few more answers to this in the current JTA/JTS specs.
However both specs are very thin in this regard. Do you know who can
answer which limitations apply to JTA Transaction Synchronization
beforeCompletion/afterCompletion callbacks? The JTA spec 3.3.2 has no


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