[cdi-dev] Scoped CDI Events?

Jens Schumann jens.schumann at openknowledge.de
Wed Aug 29 06:30:11 EDT 2012

Hi Martin,

If possible I would like to avoid immutable event objects, even though the
order of observer methods is currently undefined. I have a couple of use
cases where my event object will be modified by event observers. Two

- Execute secondary business logic after an entity was created/updated and
add details to the entity. Here we might have ordering issues. However we
did not encounter issues so far. We fire @Created or @Updated Entity
events, where my payload is the entity itself. Example: Send welcome
e-mail after a new customer was created. The primary business logic will
create the customer and fire an @Created Customer event. A
WelcomeMailObserver observes @Created Customer events, sends the e-mail
and links it to the new customer.
- Collect application wide information, e.g. statistics or health status
information. My observers simply add local statistics or local health
status details to the event object itself.


Am 29.08.12 12:14 schrieb "Martin Kouba" unter <mkouba at redhat.com>:

>Hi Adam, Arne,
>The built-in Event bean is not stateless, it's @Dependent. The event
>payload - the event object - is really not managed and thus not scoped
>(and should not be IMHO). I also think the event object should be
>immutable since the order in which observer methods are called is not
>Dne 29.8.2012 12:06, Arne Limburg napsal(a):
>> Hi Adam,
>> Are you talking about the injected Event object or about the payload?
>> The Event object is stateless so the scope does not matter.
>> And the payload is not managed at all.
>> So, I'm afraid, I can't see your issue here?
>> Could you provide a use case for a scoped event?
>> Cheers,
>> Arne
>> Am 29.08.12 11:49 schrieb "Adam Bien" unter <abien at adam-bien.com>:
>>> Hi *,
>>> I didn't found in the CDI 1.0 spec a mention of the scope of CDI
>>> There is also no mention of scopes in the Observer Resolution section.
>>> Are CDI events scoped?
>>> Does observer resolution depend on the scope of the injected Event
>>> instance?
>>> Should we refine/clarify that in the CDI 1.1 spec?
>>> I didn't found an explicit mail in the archives either,
>>> thanks and sorry in case the issue is already resolved,
>>> adam
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