[cdi-dev] Transaction Scope for CDI

Reza Rahman reza_rahman at lycos.com
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Cool - thanks for the kind words J.


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My thought about the document is: Okay! It's logical, consistent,

I'll let you guys fight over the eventual location of @TrasnactionScoped


On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 1:28 AM, Reza Rahman <reza_rahman at lycos.com> wrote:

CDI enthusiasts,


Pete, I and Nigel (JMS 2 spec lead) have been discussing the issue of the
transaction scope behind the scenes the past few weeks. Attached is what we
came up with and feel it meets the various related use-cases the most
effectively. The downside is that it is quite involved (conceptually) and
might take a bit of patience to absorb. Please give it a read and let me
know your thoughts.




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