[cdi-dev] @PostConstruct on inherited class

JJ Snyder j.j.snyder at oracle.com
Thu Oct 11 16:53:28 EDT 2012

I'm investigating an issue dealing with @PostConstruct...
Suppose I have the following 2 classes:

public class X {
   public void init() {

public class Y extends X {
   public void init() {

and then in some other class I inject Y:
public class Other {
   @Inject Y y;

   public void foo() {

According to the specs it's legal to have @PostConstruct defined on both 
X and Y.  Also because Y defines init() it does not inherit X's init() 
method (section 4.2). So when an instance of Y is created which init() 
methods should be called for the @PostConstruct?  What I am observing is 
that Y's init() method is called twice.  Is this correct?  I can't find 
any examples or any documentation that talks about this specific case.


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