[cdi-dev] Resolving CDI-129

Pete Muir pmuir at redhat.com
Mon Oct 22 09:08:58 EDT 2012


I suspect we aren't going to come to a consensus on CDI-129, which revolves around the question of whether @ApplicationScoped is per-WAR or per-EAR.

Therefore, I want to understand how the CDI community would like us to resolve the issue. We've already seen that an an open poll of the community has been indecisive (I'm unwilling to take such a small margin on this, as it's hard to know how representative a sample we took!). This, I think, leaves us with two options:

1) We take a vote in the EG, with one vote per company/organisation and one vote per individual member. Currently this is:


* Red Hat (Pete Muir)
* IBM (Joe Bergmark)
* Morocco JUG (Faissal Boutaounte) #
* Serli (Jerome Petit)
* Oracle (JJ Snyder)


* Norman Erck #
* Rick Hightower
* Werner Keil
* Antoine Sabot-Durand
* Mark Struberg 
* Daniel Sachse #

Note that George Gastaldi now works for Red Hat, so I've removed him from the voting list. I've also substituted Siva with JJ for Oracle.

If I have marked your name with a #, then it means I have not heard from you recently on CDI (either in person or on the EG), and I would appreciate a quick ping back to confirm you are active. If

(a) we take a vote, AND
(b) you have a # next to your name, AND
(c) I have not heard from you by the end of the vote period

then I will mark you as MIA, and your vote will be ignored when we tally votes. The simple way to address this is to send me a quick ping back, so that I hassle you when it comes to voting time :-)

2) We leave the issue as unresolved for CDI 1.1

If you have a preference for option (1) or option (2), then please say so!


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