[cdi-dev] intercepted private @PostConstruct method behaviour?

Mark Struberg struberg at yahoo.de
Sat Jan 5 09:24:26 EST 2013

I guess I found the answer by studying the interceptors spec. It states that

"The PostConstruct and PreDestroy, annotations are used to define an interceptor
method for a lifecycle callback event."

I assume that those are really only meant for 'lifecycle callback events' and must _not_ get invoked if they got called manually.

Thus postConstructInterception will also get called for the private method but NOT for a manual invocation if the doTheInit would be public.

Is this interpretation correct?
Can we have a TCK for it? :D


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> Subject: [cdi-dev] intercepted private @PostConstruct method behaviour?
> Hi folks!
> What happens if I have a 
> @Transactional
> public class MyService {
>  @PostConstruct
>  private void doTheInit() {...}
> Where the interceptor looks like
> @Interceptor @Transactional 
> public class TransactionalInterceptor {
>  @PostConstruct
>  public void postConstructInterception(InvocationContext ic) {..}
> Question a.) does the @Transactional interceptor still apply to the _private_ 
> doTheInit() method?
> Question b.) consider the doTheInit() method being changed to public and it will 
> get invoked by a user. Does the postConstructInterception still get invoked? Or 
> must it only get invoked for _real_ PostConstruct actions triggered by the 
> container?
> LieGrue,
> strub
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