[cdi-dev] EE 7 "component classes supporting injection" and interceptors

Martin Kouba mkouba at redhat.com
Thu Oct 17 07:06:38 EDT 2013

Hi all,

today when I walked through EE 7 umbrella spec I found some parts which
indicate that all "component classes supporting injection" (servlets,
JSP tag handlers, ...) must also support
interceptors (if CDI is enabled).

EE.5.24 Support for Dependency Injection
"Therefore, to make injection support more uniform across all Java EE
component types, Java EE containers are required to support field,
method, and constructor injection using the javax.inject.Inject
annotation into all component classes listed in Table EE.5-1 as having
the “Standard” level of injection support, as well as the use of
interceptors for these classes."

EE.5.2.5 Annotations and Injection
"The component classes listed in Table EE.5-1 with support level
“Standard” all support Java EE resource injection, as well as
PostConstruct and PreDestroy callbacks. In addition, if CDI is
enabled—which it is by default—these classes also support CDI injection,
as described in Section EE.5.24, “Support for Dependency Injection”, and
the use of interceptors."

Is my interpretation correct or am I missing something? Actually I doubt
it works correctly on EE 7 containers out there.


Martin Kouba
JBoss Quality Assurance Engineer
CDI TCK lead
Red Hat, Czech Republic

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