[cdi-dev] bean archive != bean archive

Mark Struberg struberg at yahoo.de
Sun Feb 2 16:01:26 EST 2014

Hi folks!

Old story again:
The spec is not really clear imo what the term 'bean archive' (aka BDA) does mean.

The section 5.1 (Modularity) indicates that a bunch of jars might get interpreted as a 'bean archive', which in hindsight of isolation makes sense. E.g. it does not make sense that beans from different jars in an EARs shared lib folder cannot 'see' each other in respect to CDI.
This is the one which also applies to cdi-1.0 @Alternatives and @Interceptor rules, right?

Otoh there is also section 12 which uses the same term 'bean archive' for single JARs (or ClassPath entries like WEB-INF/classes).

So which one should be it? Imo the 2 are fundamentally different.

Any ideas or comments?Did I get this wrong?

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