[cdi-dev] Specializing producer methods & qualifiers

Christian Kaltepoth christian at kaltepoth.de
Tue Apr 14 00:13:01 EDT 2015

Hey all,

I've a question regarding specializing qualified producer methods. It would
be great to get your opinion on this.

Imaging this producer method:

  public class MyProducer {
    public Something produce() {
      // ...

Now imagine the producer method is specialized like this:

  public class MyExtendedProducer extends MyProducer {
    public Something produce() {
      // ...

Please not that I NOT added @MyQualifier to the specializing producer

Now for this injection point:

  private Something something;

What is expected to happen according to the spec? Will the specialized
producer be used or not?



Christian Kaltepoth
Blog: http://blog.kaltepoth.de/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/chkal
GitHub: https://github.com/chkal
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