[cdi-dev] Time to start working on CDI lite

Mark Struberg struberg at yahoo.de
Mon Aug 31 02:17:33 EDT 2015

> JSR 330 was never a "subspec" of CDI, but CDI simply extended it. Just like e.g. Portlet, JSP or JSF all extend and build around a standard like Servlets.

No that’s not really true. Many things you see in JSR-330 have been a mixture of features from CDI with other containers. Some things even got moved over from WebBeans (as it has been called back then) almost 1:1. 
Simply check the spec dates. JSR-330 got introduced WAY later than 299.
Even if we (CDI) _later_ (somewhen around early 2009?) decided to drop parts of our own annotations and go for the JSR-330 ones (e.g. Qualifiers, @Current got renamed to @Inject, Instance now extends Provider, etc) and 299 is _now_ based on 330.


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