[cdi-dev] On @Observes for async events

Antoine Sabot-Durand antoine at sabot-durand.net
Wed Mar 18 03:48:49 EDT 2015

Hi all,

Yesterday we had another meeting to try to find a better solution than explicitly activating async event on observer, without no success. I understand that we should go on on this feature so what I suggest is to have a meeting (an hangout) with people that want to try to find a better solution. If we find something we’ll do a last proposal, and in all case we’ll adopt the woking solution next week for this point. People interested with this please manifest yourself.

If we have to go with opt-in (have to explicitly declare an observer supporting async event) we also have to validate the decision to use a member in @Observes (as it was decided before) or go back on that as mMark keep asking by introducing a new annotation to add on the observer (@Async or something similar). As I said when we discussed this point, I prefer the member in @Observes but we may have overlooked issues linked to backward compatibility.
A third solution might be to introduce an @ObserveAsync to declare an asynchronous capable observer…

I’m waiting for active feedback from you to find the best solution taking ALL aspects (not only the technicals one) into account.


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