[cdi-dev] CDI-494 (next attempt)

Martin Kouba mkouba at redhat.com
Thu Apr 14 09:14:50 EDT 2016

Hi all,

this is my last attempt to push CDI-494 [1] forward. I'm not going to 
describe the problem again, there is ML thread [2], issue comments [3], 
pull request comments, etc.

But, I've prepared a simple sample (arquillian test) [4] to:

1. Show the current behavior (Weld 1.1, Weld 2.3, OWB 1.2, OWB 1.6)
2. Demonstrate what exactly is not possible to write in a portable way today

Interesting note: it seems OWB 1.6 partialy supports the behaviour I 
tend to prefer - i.e. a wildcard type is not considered an unresolvable 
type variable (although it does not always infer the parameterized type 

Feel free to comment the test, issue, etc. Any feedback is appreciated.







Martin Kouba
Software Engineer
Red Hat, Czech Republic

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