[cdi-dev] [Vote] @Priority value order on ordered events

Matej Novotny manovotn at redhat.com
Thu Dec 8 05:45:18 EST 2016


Don't really care. Since it's not unified across CDI, having it one way or the other doesn't really make difference to me.


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> Subject: [cdi-dev] [Vote] @Priority value order on ordered events
> Hi all,
> As already explained in a previous mail [1], some of us would like change the
> current order of events to make the highest @Priority value first and the
> lowest last. This change would be an alinement on how @Alternative work
> (highest value being the first candidate).
> If you agree to the change (highest to lowest) vote +1, if you disagree -1
> and don't care 0. If you want to discuss thread is always open on [1] but
> time is running out.
> Vote will end Monday at 12:00 pm CET.
> Thanks for your participation.
> Antoine
> [1] http://lists.jboss.org/pipermail/cdi-dev/2016-November/009330.html
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