[cdi-dev] async: back to completion future?

Martin Kouba mkouba at redhat.com
Mon Mar 7 02:35:37 EST 2016

Dne 6.3.2016 v 15:39 Romain Manni-Bucau napsal(a):
> Hi guys,
> as a user having a ComlpetionStage makes me loose some JDK utilities,
> can we move back to CompletionFuture?
> It would allow for instance:
> // doesn't work with CompletionStage
> CompletionFuture.allOf(event1.fireAsync(...), event2.fireAsync(...))
>        .then(...)

Well, this should work if the underlying CompletionStage impl supports 
toCompletableFuture(), i.e. in Weld 3:


AFAIK the default async execution facility of CompletableFuture is 
ForkJoinPool.commonPool() which is not a good fit for Java EE. Using the 
CompletionStage interface allows us to wrap the async calls without the 
specified executor (e.g. CompletionStage.thenApplyAsync(Function<? super 
T, ? extends U>)) and supply a default one provided by the impl.

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