[cdi-dev] Recap of Context Management (CDI-30) hangout meeting

Antoine Sabot-Durand antoine at sabot-durand.net
Thu Sep 29 05:16:27 EDT 2016

Hi all,

Just to sum up what was said during our Tuesday Hangout meeting. For those
who were present feel free to correct or amend this.

Controlling Request Context is something rather easy (because it's linked
to one thread) while Session Context is far less obvious (used across
multiple threads) so providing a generic solution to deal with their
control seems quite complicated.
That's why we decided to start addressing the Request Context control first
and if we fell happy with that, continue the work on the Session Context.

Public API to control the request context could be design in 2 different
1) provide an interceptor to activate request context during the
intercepted method invocation
2) provide a programmatic API accessible thru a bean (like the Conversation

First solution is probably the easiest way for end user (to avoid not ended
context), but if we go for controlling Session Scope we won't be able to
provide a simple interceptor for it and will design something like solution
2 for it.

So the question is should we go for 1 or 2 or both (with a risk of
confusion) ?

Thanks for your feedback

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