[cdi-dev] Interceptor bindings from interceptor when using 2.0 interception factory

arjan tijms arjan.tijms at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 07:45:50 EDT 2017


Normally a workaround to get the interceptor bindings from within an
Interceptor is to inspect the target and/or the injected intercepted bean.

However, when adding an interceptor via the new CDI 2.0 interception
factory, things become a bit more muddy.

See e.g.


Weld has the following method to get the bindings from the

Set<Annotation> bindings = (Set<Annotation>)

But this is obviously non-standard.

Is there a standard way to get the bindings? Perhaps getting hold of the
Bean<T> that represents the current Interceptor?

Kind regards,
Arjan Tijms
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