[cdi-dev] Injection with heritage and CDI

Romain Manni-Bucau rmannibucau at gmail.com
Sat Jul 8 10:36:38 EDT 2017

Hi Otavio

Not sure it firts cdi-dev bit you can @Default @Ferrari
@Typed(SportCar.class) the nice red car to exclude it from Car type and
keep Car injection using DefaultCar and SportCar using the ferrari or
implicit default qualifier.

But the sample sounds like a misusage of qualifier so maybe check it is
really what you and to do.

Le 8 juil. 2017 16:27, "Otávio Gonçalves de Santana" <
otaviopolianasantana at gmail.com> a écrit :

Hey, I have a question about heritage and CDI.
Given two interfaces:

   - Car interface
   - SportCar that extends Car

interface Car{}
interface SportCar extends Car{}

class DefaultCar implements Car {}

@FerrariQualifierclass DefaultSportCar implements SportCar {}

What I would like to inject:

@Injectprivate Car car; //inject DefaultCar

@FerrariQualifierprivate Car ferrari; //inject DefaultSportCar

@Injectprivate SportCar sportCar;//inject DefaultSportCar

How can I do that?

Otávio Gonçalves de Santana

twitter: http://twitter.com/otaviojava
site:     *http://about.me/otaviojava <http://about.me/otaviojava>*

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