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Markus KARG markus at headcrashing.eu
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There is no such risk, as Oracle officially allows everybody explicitly to
use the suffix "for Java". You only need to rename in case the word Java is
used without "for".



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One thing that needs to happen for each Jakarta EE project is a renaming to
avoid the Oracle trademarked names and acronyms. The means that Contexts and
Dependency Injection for Java needs to change to avoid the use of Java. The
current proposed name from the steering committee is Jakarta Contexts and
Dependency Injection.


The projects should have been asked by the PMC what their preferred rename
is, but I have not seen anything back from the CDI dev group. I had asked
this question a while back but it appears to be have bounced due to not
being subscribed, so I wanted to raise this question again.


Are there other preferences this project would like the steering and
specification committees to entertain?


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