[forge-dev] Fwd: Seam Forge logos round 1

Ronald van Kuijk rvkuijk at gmail.com
Sat Jul 9 04:56:02 EDT 2011

Well, you asked for feedback, here you go.

r1v1:  http://design.jboss.org/seamforge/logo/images/seamforge_logo_r1v1.png
> pretty straight forward; an anvil in a similar style as the seam logo

I like this one best

> r1v1b:
> http://design.jboss.org/seamforge/logo/images/seamforge_logo_r1v1b.png
> same anvil but with flames
> Overkill, unless you want it as tatoo on your arm

> r1v2:
> http://design.jboss.org/seamforge/logo/images/seamforge_logo_r1v2.png
> A set of tongs holding a hot metal ball with a seam running down it.
don't think people will get the tongs/ball association easily

> r1v3:
> http://design.jboss.org/seamforge/logo/images/seamforge_logo_r1v3.png
> An etching of an anvil with an 's' being hammered out.
> The anvil is to styled, if it is less styled, it is close to 1 (with 1
having the anvil in an angle/perspective is better)

> r1v4:
> http://design.jboss.org/seamforge/logo/images/seamforge_logo_r1v4.png
> A phoenix in flames with the head of an anvil

no, see 1b

> r1v5:
> http://design.jboss.org/seamforge/logo/images/seamforge_logo_r1v5.png
> a cup of hot metal being poured into the logotype
no, see 2

> r1v6:
> http://design.jboss.org/seamforge/logo/images/seamforge_logo_r1v6.png
> Prometheus, known for intelligence, holding a flame stolen from the gods.

Say who?... just kidding. Don't think this is the right 'association'

> r1v6b:
> http://design.jboss.org/seamforge/logo/images/seamforge_logo_r1v6b.png
> Prometheus bringing the flame to earth.
> See 6, with this one being to vibrant


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