[forge-dev] creating "pom" projects

Tim Pedone macdude357 at gmail.com
Sun May 15 02:02:21 EDT 2011

As part of implementing the ability to add dependencies based off the
dependencyManagement section of a parent pom, it would be helpful for
testing purposes (and likely for users as well) to be able to create a
project of type "pom".  I copied the NewProjectPlugin and used it to
create a PomProjectPlugin.   I removed the Java facet and set the
packaging to "pom"; however, it seems that
ProjectFactory.createProject() calls registerFacet() which attempts to
add every facet (CDI, JEE, etc.) to the project.  The CDI facet fails
because the project is not a war or jar.  Is that behavior correct
(adding the CDI facet to all projects)?

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