[forge-dev] Questions about a new javaee portlet plugin

Ken Finnigan ken at kenfinnigan.me
Mon Apr 2 09:35:21 EDT 2012

Hi Jérémie,

Thanks for putting an initial portal plugin together.  It was something on
my list for the months ahead, but you beat me to it! ;-)

I've responded in line to your questions.


On Sun, Apr 1, 2012 at 3:00 PM, Jérémie <jer at printstacktrace.org> wrote:

> Hi Forge Team!
> I would like to create a plugin to manage javaee portlets.
> A first commit is available here http://goo.gl/OKgsG .
> Before going further and create a Forge Jira ticket  I would appreciate
> your opinion.
>  - Do you think core/javaee-api and core /javaee-impl  is a right place or
> I need to create an other project?

I think this is the correct place, though Lincoln would have the final say
on that ;-)

>  - The JBoss Shrinkwrap project doesn't currently include the portlet.xml
> description. I think it's interesting to do that. (I can create an other
> Jira ticket)

By all means go ahead and create the jira and do the work.  It would be
quite straight forward to complete.  I myself did the JSF ones last week,
and was planning on getting to portal descriptors over the coming weeks.
 It's just a case of adding the necessary xsd files, making sure the
generation process worked, and writing some tests to verify it.  If you
have any questions about it drop by #jbosstesting on irc and speak with
Andrew (ALR) who leads the project.

>  - The quickstart option  would be interesting to push the generated code
> in a GateIn instance (not implemented yet).

You could certainly do a deploy of the portlet to GateIn, or any other
portal, but I think it makes sense for that to be a separate concern from
creating a portlet and it's descriptors.  That is how a lot of the other
plugins work, and also because the deployment would be specific to GateIn,
and it would be messy to have a plugin that deals with descriptor
generation and deploying to different portal containers.

>  - Command names and options are correct?
> Thanks for your comments.
> For now here's what you can do:
>  $ portlet setup
 $ portlet add --named helloportlet --title "My forge portlet"
> --short-title ForgePortlet --keywords "demo,forge,portlet"

Might make it clearer for command to be called "new-portlet" instead of

>  $ portlet add-param --portlet helloportlet --name
> javax.portlet.faces.defaultViewId.view --value "/home.xhtml"
>  $ portlet add-param --portlet helloportlet --name
> javax.portlet.faces.defaultViewId.edit --value "/edit.xhtml"
>  $ portlet add-param --portlet helloportlet --name
> javax.portlet.faces.defaultViewId.help --value "/help.xhtml"

Could be nice to have the "new-portlet" command automatically create these
parameters with the default values you specify above, as without them a
portlet won't deploy successfully.  Just as you have with the default
portlet modes that are defined.

It would also be nice to have aliased add-param versions for specifically
adding a view, edit and help viewId.  It's pretty onerous to force someone
to remember the exact syntax of javax.portlet.faces.defaultViewId.* every
time they want to add or modify what viewId each of those portlet modes
points at.

So you could have something like:
$ portlet set-view-id --portlet helloportlet --view "/home.html"
$ portlet set-edit-id --portlet helloportlet --view "/edit.html"
$ portlet set-help-id --portlet helloportlet --view "/help.html"

and then internally it actually calls add-param with the addition of the
appropriate param name.

> And the result is :
> src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/portlet.xml
> -----------------------------------------------------
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
> <portlet-app xmlns="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/portlet/portlet-app_2_0.xsd"
> xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" version="2.0"
> xsi:schemaLocation="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/portlet/portlet-app_2_0.xsd
> ">
>   <portlet>
>     <portlet-name>helloportlet</portlet-name>
>     <portlet-class>javax.portlet.faces.GenericFacesPortlet</portlet-class>
>     <supports>
>       <mime-type>text/html</mime-type>
>       <portlet-mode>EDIT</portlet-mode>
>       <portlet-mode>HELP</portlet-mode>
>       <portlet-mode>VIEW</portlet-mode>
>     </supports>
>     <portlet-info>
>       <title>My forge portlet</title>
>       <short-title>ForgePortlet</short-title>
>       <keywords>demo,forge,portlet</keywords>
>     </portlet-info>
>     <init-param>
>       <name>javax.portlet.faces.defaultViewId.view</name>
>       <value>/home.xhtml</value>
>     </init-param>
>     <init-param>
>       <name>javax.portlet.faces.defaultViewId.edit</name>
>       <value>/edit.xhtml</value>
>     </init-param>
>     <init-param>
>       <name>javax.portlet.faces.defaultViewId.help</name>
>       <value>/help.xhtml</value>
>     </init-param>
>   </portlet>
> </portlet-app>
> Regads,
> Jérémie.
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