[forge-dev] Forge'in ahead with JBoss Tools

Burr Sutter bsutter at redhat.com
Wed Apr 4 08:48:34 EDT 2012

Thank you Thomas - this is great feedback.  I have not had enough hours to think about Forge's positioning.  With the 8 videos I have just published at www.vimeo.com/jbossdeveloper  (0 through 7), I am also suffering from information overload :-)

With all that said, one of the things I like about Forge is - no proprietary annotations or "beside files" or whatever that mess is - in other words standards-based, normal everyday source code.   The trick is...what if the data model/schema changes - and I have made tweaks to my UI treatment, like using different field input types (e.g. richfaces or jquery plugins).  

One thing I was planning on discussing with Lincoln and the Forge roadmap is around the idea of "Forge as a 4GL" - at the moment it feels mostly like a static code generator - which has the problem of schema changes.   But Forge as a 4GL could be more responsive, almost "runtime" code generation.  More like what you get in the Rails world.  :-)

On Apr 3, 2012, at 6:38 PM, Thomas Frühbeck wrote:

> Hi Burr,
> I absolutely like your presentations, they are fast, dense, full of sound well established information - makes one eager to have a go with whatever you talk about :-)
> Your three presentations - putting JBoss Tools and Forge side by side - made me think about why I jumped when I first saw Forge.
> We all have seen CRUD webapp generators (remember Middlegen?), I havent seen one yet, where I didnt reach the point of no return, when you have to know _very_ much about the inner workings to realize a simple thing.
> For me the question is not: can I do the same as with all those big GUIs, they are there already.
> The question is: where does it lead off?
>  - modern: (dont just edit CDI, it _is_ CDI) incorporates well established frameworks, w/o lock in
>  - versatile: Testing, multi server, multi platform (Faces, aerogear..)
>  - extensible (need a functionality? write a plugin using forge!)
> Regards,
> Thomas
> Am 03.04.2012 14:21, schrieb Burr Sutter:
>> In my recent video series I have two videos that describe Forge - and a Hibernate Tools interlude in-between, I wish to know if I have demo'd Forge well - did I highlight forge's best features?

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