[forge-dev] GitPlugin Facet (Lincoln Baxter, III)

Jevgeni Zelenkov jevgeni.zelenkov at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 20 16:52:43 EDT 2012

Hi Lincoln,

Thanks for the explanation, that helped me to understand it but not 
completely. So, what do you actually mean by "inspect the state of a 

I take methods provided by you:
- getBranches()
- getTags()
- getRemotes()
- getStatus()

And here are some more suggestions to help inspect the state of a project:
- showLatestDiff()
- showLatestCommit()
- getNotes()
- showLog()
- switchBranch()
- cleanWorkingDirectory()

Would that be enough?
I guess, I don't understand the use cases for the GitFacet yet.
Who is going to use it and what are the potential scenarios? The git 
undo plugin will require a lot more than that. And I assume that 
GitFacet is not really a wrapper for the jGit functionality.


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> Hey Jevgeni,
> Welcome!
> Regarding the GitFacet - I believe it's in the right place for the moment,
> but I don't believe that the GitPlugin should be referencing it, since the
> commands in GitPlugin could be used even without a Project.
> GitFacet (as the issue describes poorly) is something that should be usable
> to inspect the state of a Project via:
> project.hasFacet(GitFacet.class)
> After that, everything else is an added benefit. It should probably also
> perform tasks like:
> project.getFacet(GitFacet.class).getBranches()
> project.getFacet(GitFacet.class).getTags()
> project.getFacet(GitFacet.class).getRemotes()
> project.getFacet(GitFacet.class).getStatus()
> And that's where your imagination kicks in.
> Does that make sense?
> ~Lincoln

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