[forge-dev] GitPlugin Facet (Lincoln Baxter, III)

Thomas Frühbeck fruehbeck at aon.at
Sat Apr 21 04:35:10 EDT 2012

some of the most important things you want to know about facets.
please dont forget to enclose these jewels in 

Am 21.04.2012 00:14, schrieb Lincoln Baxter, III:
> *Some information about Facets:*
>   * Facets represent project state (E.g. Git is installed. Java is
>     installed. Servlet is installed)
>   * Facets do not work outside of projects.
>   * Facets avoid doing anything that prints to the shell output
>     (sometimes it is unavoidable)
>   * Facets are for encapsulating additional functionality that is
>     usable in one or more plugins

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