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Thomas Frühbeck fruehbeck at aon.at
Fri Aug 3 06:15:11 EDT 2012

Did you think of separating Converter and backing bean implementation?
AFAIK the backing bean _provides_ a converter e.g.: 
#{xxxxxBean.converter} but should not implement Converter itself?


Am 03.08.2012 11:13, schrieb Luca Masini:
> I'm going crazy to let the generated faces scaffolding run on both WLS 
> and JBoss.
> Infact if I let the Bean implements the Converter interface then WLS 
> works but JBoss complaints about missing method, it's like that the 
> implemented interface is the Local interface for the bean and no other 
> method is found but those in the Converter interface itself.
> So I remove the interface and everything work without the getConverter 
> method, getAsObject and getAsString are method of the now interface bean.
> On the counter side WLS is unable to call methods from the EL into 
> faces files that are not part of the Converter interface.
> So I'm in a deadlock. I'm unable to let it works on both the Java EE 6 
> server. I'm sure that a solution exist, but whichi ?
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