[forge-dev] Forge Website Design

ggastald at redhat.com ggastald at redhat.com
Mon Aug 20 11:28:12 EDT 2012

Hello Everyone,

Are you (or do you know someone who is) a webdesigner who wants to 
contribute to the Forge website design layout and strategy of the 
content ? We are looking for serious proposals, since that while this is 
a fun task, it does take time and collaboration.

I believe our current website (http://forge.jboss.org) has a great 
infrastructure already, by using Github + Awestruct, so we want to keep 

We are really looking forward to getting a great website, just like 
http://arquilian.org does.

If you can help, or know someone who can, please let us know.

Best Regards,

*George Gastaldi* | /Senior Software Engineer/
JBoss Forge Team
Red     Hat
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