[forge-dev] Plugin-Undo is released as a part of the GSoC; End of GSoC

Jevgeni Zelenkov jevgeni.zelenkov at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 15:52:03 EDT 2012

Hi all,

GSoC will officially end this Friday. No coding is allowed since
yesterday. So I would like to present the Plugin-undo for forge! Yes,
it lets you undo a forge command.

I created a small website which describes how it works here:
http://jzelenkov.com/plugin-undo/ There is also a screencast which
lasts less than a minute in case you have no time and just want to see
plugin-undo in action.

The Plugin-undo is implemented using Readme Driven Development
so it has a decent readme. Check it out to see usage examples and main
features: https://github.com/forge/plugin-undo/blob/master/README.md

If you would like to know how plugin-undo works without looking into
the source code, check out this article about plugin-undo internals
(pictures included!):

The current version is for submission to GSoC. I am planning to keep
working on the plugin after GSoC. Currently usability improvements are
planned, such as a correct detection of forge commands which introduce
changes and removal of unnecessary intermediate commits. If you
discover a bug or would like to request a feature, please open an new

THANK YOU ALL for helping make this plugin a reality! It would have
been impossible without your support!

Jevgeni Zelenkov

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