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Pete Muir pmuir at redhat.com
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Yes, one thing I hope to use this source of information for, is a web page for jboss.org/jdf :-)

On 2 Jul 2012, at 23:47, Jason Porter wrote:

> Sounds like a pretty chart / table marketing will like to use.
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>> All,
>> I chatted with Max at JBoss World about requirements for what I'm
>> code-naming JBoss Stacks, which is a really an extension of the
>> JBoss BOMs project.
>> The JBoss Stacks project takes all the BOMs, all the archetypes, and
>> all the runtimes, and identifies which work with which. This can
>> then be used by tools (like JBDS, Forge, Maven plugins) to correctly
>> configure users projects.
>> The stacks project requires 3 different dictionaries:
>> * available BOMs
>> * available archetypes
>> * available runtimes
>> and the ability to see the intersection between these things (i.e. if
>> I'm on runtime version 1.2.3.Final, what BOMs are possible, what BOM
>> is recommended, what archetypes are available, what is recommended).
>> The runtime should include a download URL, so that plugins such as
>> James' AS plugin for forge can download it. It should also contain a
>> some options. I'm not sure exactly what is needed here, but James
>> can provide details and what makes most sense.
>> The runtimes should include what type they are (e.g. JBoss AS, EAP)
>> to allow categorisation, filtering, sorting
>> The Yaml parser in use should be pluggable, to avoid introducing
>> uncessary extra dependencies
>> There should be a recommended runtime per major version and per minor
>> version (so you can say "I want JBoss AS 7" and you get back AS
>> 7.1.1.Final or you can say "I want JBoss AS 7.0" and you get back
>> 7.0.2.Final).
>> We're going to need to be careful about compat, eventually, so we
>> need to get everything in there, and get it right. We'll have a long
>> beta cycle ;-)
>> There will be a client utility, written in Java. This should be a
>> single source file, which projects can copy in. It must have no
>> dependencies other than a Yaml parser.
>> I think Rafael is going to take the lead on this. But we'll decide on
>> Monday next week.
>> Pete
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