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Burr Sutter bsutter at redhat.com
Fri Jul 6 12:05:58 EDT 2012

Last Friday, while in Boston, we ran a few dozen people through our "Getting Started Tutorial" - a hands-on lab

I made several notes on "gotchas" that students struggled with and one of them was forge's "list-commands".

In the tutorial, we instruct the student to use the "entity" command and one student said "hey, this list-commands is broken, entity is not listed".

and my immediate response was "yes, list-commands rarely tells me what I want" and the students response was "then how do I know what Forge offers me" and my response was "you have to read a document, like this tutorial we provided".    

The light-bulb turns on - we must have a usability problem  :-)

At this time, People mostly wish to use Forge to:
- new project
- new entity (with bean validations)
- rest endpoints
- jsf scaffolding
- reverse engineer a database

So, we need a better list-commands and better docs that "list out the commands".   Based on current "docs", Forge only does a few things - https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/FORGE/Samples  :-)
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