[forge-dev] JBoss Stacks: Requirements

Rafael Benevides benevides at redhat.com
Tue Jul 17 11:51:02 EDT 2012

"Also, we need to get the Parser down to one file (i.e. use nested 
classes) to make it easier for people to add to their project."

I think that i didn't get the point of what you suggested. Any Example 
of how do you that is should be used instead of instantiating or 
injecting the parser ?

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Em 17-07-2012 11:31, Pete Muir escreveu:
> Hi Rafael,
> This is starting to look really good!
> * I think we should add a labels: property to the BOM definitions, 
> just to try to future proof a bit.
> * I think we need a groupId on the BOMs, as we probably will need to 
> include some in other groupIds at some point. We could default it 
> org.jboss.boms.
> * We should add the org.jboss.spec BOMs :-) These will make a better 
> default for the runtimes
> * I think recommendedBOM on the runtime should be defaultBom (notice 
> the case change), as this seems to make more sense to me (same for 
> recommendedArchetype)
> * I don't think we need properties as, labels will cover this (a 
> consumer can use a label to set up the right properties)
> Also, we need to get the Parser down to one file (i.e. use nested 
> classes) to make it easier for people to add to their project.
> On 17 Jul 2012, at 02:19, Rafael Benevides wrote:
>> The latest version of the JBoss Stacks format is right here: 
>> https://github.com/jboss-jdf/jdf-stack/blob/Beta2/stacks.yaml
>> I think that this format finally met our requirements.
>> For now, I put only JBoss EAP 6.0 and JBoss AS 7.0.0 runtimes just to 
>> illustrate how it should be. The archetypes will also follow the same 
>> structure.
>> I committed the parser on the same repo because the parser is tied to 
>> the file format.
>> The Stacks class is now the root of the Yaml file ( more detail 
>> on attached diagram - modified since last email ).
>> The API use is simple as:
>> Stacks stacks = parser.parse(inputStream);
>> After we just navigate on the graph (various paths are possible):
>> stacks.getAvailableBoms().get(SOME);
>> stacks.getAvailableRuntimes().get(SOME);
>> stacks.getMajorReleases().get(SOME).getMinorReleases().get(OTHER).getRecommendedRuntime().getBoms().get(ANOTHER).
>> stacks.getMinorReleases().get(SOME).getRecommendedRuntime().getRecommendedBOM().getAvailableVersions();
>> Now I will update the jdf-plugin to use the jdf-stack parser API.
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