[forge-dev] What to do about our little Windows joke...?

Jevgeni Zelenkov jevgeni.zelenkov at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 16:31:11 EDT 2012

Dan, yes I completely agree with you! Yes, windows shell sucks. I know
it because I've used bash/zsh. But can I as a windows user do
something about currently? No, not really (except for switching of
course). I tried installing alternative consoles for windows
(console/cygwin/powerlshell/tcc) but they still suck, mostly speed and
integration (or the lack of there of). PowerShell is even slower than
cygwin and it still sucks, basically because some of the commands are
not compatible. Forge autocompletion is not working correctly in
neither of those but it works fine on my ubuntu. I curretnly use msys
which comes with git bundle for windows. And no matter what shell I
use, I still see that joke. Again, do I want to be reminded that I
made a bad choice 5 years ago when I bought a pc instead of a mac? No,
not really. Am I reading too much into it? Yes, that's probably true
and it is my problem. I am trying not to read too much into it, but
the more IT guys I talk to, the more and more I hear this: "windows is
only for dotNET devs or average users. Real devs use mac/linux". And
the famous 37signals quote comes into mind: "we never hire a developer
who doesn't use mac."
I like the idea "windows command line? really?" a lot better because
then I don't have this association when I see it:
windows = sucks => you are a windows user = you suck

instead I see:
windows cmd sucks => yes, that's true! :)

I realize it all might sound winy and childish. That was not my
intention though. The question is: how many unhappy devs who use
windows are out there? Do some of them feel similar?

If it's too much bullshit, just ignore it. Consider it inexperienced
student's ramblings. I am just trying to express my opinion and not
"fight" against uber-cool devs like you guys.

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>> > What you guys like jokes? How unprofessional!
>> >
>> > Unfortunately there is a large group of developers that thinks that
>> > way... I wish it were different, but it would probably be best to
>> > remove this stuff. We won't "win" any users by adding jokes, but we
>> > might piss some people off.
>> They aren't amused.
> Seriously, if people are offended because someone criticizes Windows, then
> my feeling is that they are just reading too much into it. It's not like the
> Windows shell is so amazing it doesn't warrant some criticism.
> Btw, I would revise the comment to specifically call out the shell.
> "Windows Command Line? Really? ..."
> -Dan
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