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Rafael Benevides rafabene at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 22:52:16 EDT 2012

Hi people,

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Rafael Benevides and I started to use JBoss Forge when it was
called Seam Forge. I started to use Forge as a way to extend Seam Projects
and adds custom components and libraries.

One of the features that brings more productivity to Seam projects is the
Facelets Compositions. Based on the "Facelets fits JSF like glove", I (and
some friends) started to write some custom components so instead of write:

<h:outputLabel value="Label" for="input" />
    <h:inputText id="input" value="#{myBackingBean.property}" >
        <f:convertNumber />
        <f:validateLength minimum="1" maximum="10"/>
        <a4j:support event="onblur" reRender="input"/>
    <h:message for="input" />

We could write only:  <x:inputText label="Nome:"
value="#{myBackingBean.property}" name="nome" required="true"/>

With this in mind, I started a project called XSeam (focused in Seam 2.x) -
I think that Pete heard about it when he came to Brasil and Edgar(Red Hat)
talked about - the whole idea could be saw at this 15 min screencast -

I would like to known what do you think about this concept of XSeam? I am
asking that, because last year I started to port XSeam (
https://github.com/rafabene/XSeam2 ) as plugin to JBoss Forge (
https://github.com/rafabene/XSeam3 ) . This project is in initial state and
I have no time to dedicate to it.

Anyway it was a great opportunity to see the big potentials of Forge.
With the advent of Java EE 6 and other JBoss productsI I hope to be closest
enough to help in other plugins like a Picketlink integration (for

Please, feel free to post any comments about the idea of having a plugin
(maybe a scaffold provider) similar to XSeam and also about the plan of a
PicketLink integration plugin?

Thank you all

Rafael Benevides
rafabene at gmail.com
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