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Thank you for your considerations.
I've never used Metawidget but I'll take a look
Certainly, it will be in my "new things to learn" backlog

About the security plugin, I liked the idea of not focusing only in
Picketlink, but a general security plugin for different security frameworks
would be awesome.

Anyway, I've just joined this list and I'll try to take a look in JDF and
also in Deltaspike,  to see what else would be interesting to be integrated
to forge and how this integration could be achieved.


2012/6/6 Dan Allen <dan.j.allen at gmail.com>

> Hey Rafael, welcome!
> I'm going to beat Richard to this one and ask whether you've looked at
> building on MetaWidget [0] as an alternative to composite components to
> accomplish the goals of XSeam.
> I've ventured down a similar path of XSeam at one point, inspired by the
> very same article. The composite components have improved considerably
> since then and likely a solution today would be considerably simpler and
> likely better performing.
> However, at some point you find yourself having to do a lot of logic in
> these generic components and that's something which is probably better done
> in Java. Of course, JSF supports building up components dynamically in Java
> and the Seam Faces code has an example of a hybrid composite component and
> Java component.
> What MetaWidget gives you is the ability to go entirely over to the
> generation (at runtime) of a component assembled entirely in Java based on,
> you guessed it, model metadata. Like your x:inputText component, you don't
> have to maintain any extra code in the application itself. It's really a
> nice foundation for doing exactly what you are talking about. What I hope
> to encourage you to do is put your minds together and perhaps decide if
> MetaWidget provides what you need or you want to extend MetaWidget to take
> it a step further.
> To address your other question, we are absolutely interested in a security
> plugin for Forge. I had hoped to put together a plugin to setup Apache
> Shiro in a Java EE 6 project, since it's so drop-dead simple [1] [2]. You
> may also be interested in taking it a step up and doing a plugin for the
> DeltaSpike security integration under active development [3]. With some
> creativity, you might be able to have a generic plugin that let's you
> choose your security framework and it will install the necessary
> configuration bits based on your choice. But we're excited to see what you
> invent :)
> -Dan
> [0] http://metawidget.org
> [1] http://www.infoq.com/articles/apache-shiro
> [2] http://meri-stuff.blogspot.com/2011/03/apache-shiro-part-1-basics.html
> [3]
> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/DeltaSpike/Security+Module+Drafts
> On Tue, Jun 5, 2012 at 10:52 PM, Rafael Benevides <rafabene at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Hi people,
>> Let me introduce myself.
>> My name is Rafael Benevides and I started to use JBoss Forge when it was
>> called Seam Forge. I started to use Forge as a way to extend Seam Projects
>> and adds custom components and libraries.
>> One of the features that brings more productivity to Seam projects is the
>> Facelets Compositions. Based on the "Facelets fits JSF like glove", I (and
>> some friends) started to write some custom components so instead of write:
>> <h:outputLabel value="Label" for="input" />
>>     <h:inputText id="input" value="#{myBackingBean.property}" >
>>         <f:convertNumber />
>>         <f:validateLength minimum="1" maximum="10"/>
>>         <a4j:support event="onblur" reRender="input"/>
>>     </h:inputText>
>>     <h:message for="input" />
>> We could write only:  <x:inputText label="Nome:"
>> value="#{myBackingBean.property}" name="nome" required="true"/>
>> With this in mind, I started a project called XSeam (focused in Seam 2.x)
>> - I think that Pete heard about it when he came to Brasil and Edgar(Red
>> Hat) talked about - the whole idea could be saw at this 15 min screencast -
>> http://blip.tv/rafael-benevides/xseam-demonstration-with-subtitles-in-english-1321026
>> I would like to known what do you think about this concept of XSeam? I am
>> asking that, because last year I started to port XSeam (
>> https://github.com/rafabene/XSeam2 ) as plugin to JBoss Forge (
>> https://github.com/rafabene/XSeam3 ) . This project is in initial state
>> and I have no time to dedicate to it.
>> Anyway it was a great opportunity to see the big potentials of Forge.
>> With the advent of Java EE 6 and other JBoss productsI I hope to be
>> closest enough to help in other plugins like a Picketlink integration (for
>> example).
>> Please, feel free to post any comments about the idea of having a plugin
>> (maybe a scaffold provider) similar to XSeam and also about the plan of a
>> PicketLink integration plugin?
>> Thank you all
>> Rafael Benevides
>> rafabene at gmail.com
>> @rafabene
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