[forge-dev] Error when trying to test a forge plugin in a running forge instance

Jevgeni Zelenkov jevgeni.zelenkov at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 12:01:50 EDT 2012

Hi guys,

I am trying to test the undo plugin on a working forge instance but I
am getting a strange error.

As described here:
I have added the undo-plugin using 'forge source-plugin' command. It
was added successfully, I can even see undo-plugin commands when I
call 'list-commands'.

But when I execute 'undo setup' command (should simply install the
plugin), I get the following exception:

The requested Facet of type [org.jboss.forge.undo.UndoFacet] could not
be loaded.

UndoFacet class is located in the same package as the UndoPlugin class
(org.jboss.forge.undo). I also tried moving both classes into
"org.jboss.forge" but that didn't help either.

Does anybody have any ideas what could it be?

Best Regards,

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