[forge-dev] JBoss AS 7 Management Support

James R. Perkins jperkins at redhat.com
Fri Jun 29 19:26:29 EDT 2012

Hello All,
I've been working on support to start JBoss AS 7 from a forge shell. You 
can also execute CLI commands. I haven't changed of the deploy, undeploy 
or redeploy goals at this point, but probably will in the future.

I just have it on my repo so far, 
https://github.com/jamezp/plugin-jboss-as/tree/as7. If someone wants to 
give it a code review that would be great. There are still some things 
that need to fixed, but it seems to work from my limited testing.

Any feedback is welcome.

James R. Perkins
JBoss by Red Hat

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