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Fri Nov 2 06:55:46 EDT 2012

Hi Luca,

the plugin which is now in https://github.com/errai/forge-errai (master) 
is a basic set of errai facets, which allows you to create
an errai facet (either bus, cdi, jaxrs or ui) and generate an example 
skeleton, which is quite good for start I would say :)
But once you look at it, you realize that it is very similar to what 
maven-archetypes can do for you.
So, the idea now is to "extend" current functionality into a tool, which 
will be able to interact directly with development...
imagine eg. Eclipse IDE extracting interfaces or generating 
getters/setters for attributes
And therefore current development 
(https://github.com/pslegr/forge-errai/tree/2.0) adds such functionality 
- Generate a @Remote interface for a service class(recursively or for 
specified type)
- generating empty Service class templates
- handling marshaling by adding annotations (@Portable) or defining 
types in the ErraiApp.properties (recursively or for specified type)

... and this is just a start

That branch 2.0 is under development now and new features will be 
popping up as time goes.

Hope that helped


On 11/02/2012 11:08 AM, Luca Masini wrote:
> Sure, I also did some fixes on it some weeks ago (but not on 2.0 tree)
> Can you summarize the main differences from the actual plugin ??
> Thank you
> 2012/11/1 Rodney Russ <rruss at redhat.com <mailto:rruss at redhat.com>>
>     Anyone interested in watching the progress to $subject or get
>     involved should follow Pavel's fork that can be found here:
>     https://github.com/pslegr/forge-errai/tree/2.0
>     Enjoy,
>     Rodney
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