[forge-dev] faces-scaffold: generated app breaks on ambiguity of property search and method search() when Seam Faces present

Thomas Frühbeck fruehbeck at aon.at
Sun Sep 9 05:39:21 EDT 2012


just found a subtle problem in the generated faces application.
The backing beans carry the property "search" for form field based 
dynamic query and the method search() to invoke the selection.
After adding Seam3 Faces module to the project the application fails on 
"Search" because the ELResolver will take the method search() instead of 
the property "search" first:

Caused by: javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: /searchTest/search.xhtml 
@34,90 value="#{searchTestBean.search.name}": Target Unreachable, 
'search' returned null

So I see 2 possibilities for remedy:
     1. rename method "search()" to sth. like "doSearch()"
     2. rename property "search" to "example"

I personally like second poss. more, because it matches the kinda 
"query-by-example" mechanism and the method name "search()" is most 

Any ideas welcome!

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