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Ivan St. Ivanov ivan.st.ivanov at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 17:08:34 EDT 2012


I tried to put up an abstract for Java2Days conference. Great thanks to
Koen, who sent me four proposals. So I compiled something out of them (with
much reuse). I tried to make it as a trailer of a Hollywood blockbuster
movie, but I didn't succeed much. :-(

Anyway here it is:

*Last year Lincoln Baxter III showed the Bulgarian Java community the power
of Forge. *


*Remember, it’s a lean and versatile environment entirely written in Java,
fully using the power of CDI and offering you the possibility to
incrementally build up new functionality into your application. You can
easily setup persistence, enable RESTful web services or even create a full
JSF application in a breeze. And this can even be done on the command line.*


*But, OK, what if your task at hand cannot be fulfilled by the current
Forge functionalities? What if the broad set of plugins does not cover your
requirements? Not to worry! Forge has innate ability for integrating and
creating new functionalities. We will show you exactly how to create your
own plugin and we will give you detailed explanation on the most relevant
APIs that you could use for that purpose. *


*Finally, Forge can also be integrated in graphical IDE's opening up all
its power to users of common platforms such as Eclipse.*


*Come to this session if you want to see this powerful tool live in action!*

What do you think? Our idea was to stress more on plugin development and on
Eclipse integration with a short refresh in the beginning.


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