[forge-dev] Forge Hack Night Summary

ggastald at redhat.com ggastald at redhat.com
Thu Sep 13 23:08:22 EDT 2012

Hi Everyone !

The Forge Hack was an outstanding event! People really dug into the code 
and made things happen. In only 2 hours, we could solve 4 annoying bugs!

These are the issues resolved during the event:

FORGE-217 - George Gastaldi
FORGE-660 - Ivannov
FORGE-416 - Ricardo Martinelli
FORGE-663 - Ivannov

Many thanks to Lincoln Rockstar Baxter for the guidance on some nasty 
issues. I would also like to specially thank three very competent 
contributors who did their best to solve the issues (not in order of 
importance, because they all rock):

   - Ivan St. Ivanov
   - Ricardo Martinelli Oliveira
   - Jevgeni Zelenkov

These guys are true Forge Heroes! I wish them only the best!

Due to lack of time, some people couldn't finish their assigned JIRAs on 
time. No problem on that.
If you feel that the issue you're working on is that important to be 
included in the next version, we can discuss that in a Hangout if necessary.

If everything goes well, we expect to release 1.0.7.Final next week 
(Huge Features included ! Stay tuned !).

And also, be prepared for another Forge Hack Night ! The "Golden Anvil" 
achievement (IRC joke) is waiting for you! I'd love to hear for 
suggestions on how we can improve this event even more.

Best Regards,

*George Gastaldi* | /Senior Software Engineer/
JBoss Forge Team
Red Hat
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