[forge-dev] Forge 1.1.0.Final

ggastald at redhat.com ggastald at redhat.com
Wed Sep 19 18:31:29 EDT 2012


Forge 1.1.0.Final is on the staging repository, ready to be released. 
However, when I tested installing any plugin (arquillian for example) I 
get the following message and the plugin is ignored :

Not loading plugin [org.arquillian.forge.arquillian-plugin] because it 
references Forge API version [1.0.3-SNAPSHOT] which may not be 
compatible with my current version [1.1.0.Final]. To remove this plugin, 
type 'forge remove-plugin 
Otherwise, try installing a new version of the plugin.

What should we do ? Change each plugin to be compatible with this 
version or change the 1.1.0.Final code to ignore it ?

Suggestions appreciated,

Best Regards,

*George Gastaldi* | /Senior Software Engineer/
JBoss Forge Team
Red Hat
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